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The ilashesyou Luxury Camelia Easy Fast-fanning Volume Lashes have been arranged in a very specific way on the strip that when picked up with a tweezer, they immediately make a fan.

In ultra-lightweight 0.05, these multi-dimensional volume self fanning lashes are incredible for beginners at volume lashing and those artists who struggle to make or pick up a fan but still want to be able to provide voluminous lashes to their clients. They are so easy to make!

To use – For narrow fans simply slide your tweezers into a small portion (about half a millimeter) of lashes and pick them up off the strip just above the tape strip. Then place directly on the natural lash after dipping the base in adhesive. For wider fans, shimmy the lashes slightly back and forth in your tweezer before picking them up off the strip. Enjoy volume lashing made smarter!

SpecificationsNatural Matte

  • Ultra Dark Black
  • Foil backs for easy removal
  • Diameter 0.5
  • Length Mix 9mm - 15mm
  • 100% Vegan
  • Trays have 16 rows 
  • Extremely easy to fan