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ilashesyou Lash Adhesive for Eyelash Extension 5ml has a quick drying time of 1-3 seconds. It is only for professional use and ideal for advanced lash artist. Because of the quick drying time you can move quickly without the lashes getting stuck together.

Black in color. Using a black eyelash extension glue creates seamless lashes. You cannot tell where the glue is and you see no “white” film.

Liquid in texture. You can get just the right amount of glue on the extension to get the perfect bond.

Durability: 6-8 weeks

Optimal temperature for use: 70-80°F

Optimal humidity for use 48%-70%

Strong Bond

Setting Time: 1-3Seconds

Directions for Use: Shake well before use. Minimal glue is needed to create a secure, strong bond to natural lash. Dip only 1-2mm of lash base in glue and apply to isolated eyelash, 0.5mm away from the lash line. 

Directions for Storage: Once opened, keep the adhesive in a cool, dry place . Store the bottle in an upright position with lid tightly closed.

Ilashesyou Lash Adhesive





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